August 29, 2020 2 min read

Ever heard of the hydrogen power cell, also called the "HHO dry cell"? And have you also ever thought of making one on your own? Doing so requires familiarity about this "new energy" and understanding its purpose. So if you are planning to do one, you must get into your nerd side and get ready to dive into this world of innovation.

Simply put, HHO gas is produced during electrolysis of water, but you may still be left wondering why the unit is dry if it involves water. The explanation here is that the HHO dry cells make use of the electrolytes in water just like any other HHO electrolyzer, thus he name "HHO dry cell" because it is linked to a specific design of the HHO electrolyzers or generators. If you can't understand this basic principle, you can always refer to some sources available online or in books that discuss this more in details.

Having proven itself as a great source of energy due to its physical characteristics and high availability, the HHO cell is increasingly growing in popularity these days, especially to those who are using generators or electrolyzers. One of its widest application is on automotive as it is known to increase efficiency, power and performance while contributing to the engine's life expectancy. Aside from this, researches show that it can be a solution for global warming. So if you are still not an HHO user, you should definitely start trying it out or even make one for your own. Hydrogen can be installed easily onto your vehicle and you'll surely experience decrease in fuel consumption. However, the efficiency of the cell will vary depending on the type of engine of your automotive.

Now here's the principle of making an HHO dry cell. Generally, you have to take the electricity from your car's battery in order to separate water from gas. This gas is then referred to as the HHO gas or the hydroxy fuel which is more efficient and can supply significant amount of energy. The hydrogen on demand system includes the atomic power of hydrogen which maintains or stabilizes water, and this is the reason why the HHO is thought to be safe and a great alternative source of power.

In addition to the previously mentioned benefits of using HHO dry cell, there are also other considerable benefits of using it. One would be reduced cost of your fuel bills and this is the reason why many have shifted into hydrogen on demand fuel cell which makes it more available nowadays. Fo many, they consider it a blessing in the midst of the crisis. Another benefit is the great amount of electric currents the HHO cell produces. Instead of having wet cell, the dry cell is the one being used making the maintenance much simpler if everything is installed right at first. In doing the maintenance, you just have to make sure that you have a cell water check up regularly and always check for possible leaks.