Flower Fruit Essential Oil for Aromatherapy | Water Soluble Organic Essential Oil

Offers you different fragrance to meet your demand and needs. This water-soluble fruit essential oil can be dropped into the water and mix to use. It is specialized for humidifier, fragrance lamp, aroma diffuser, etc. to relieve stress, enhance nervous system, or freshen air. It can't be used for body so never use it for massage.


  • Fragrance Type: Essential Oil
  • Fragrance: Cool, Forest, I Love, Aroma in the Rain, Westing Aroma, Daisy, Blue Bell, Gardenia, Shangri-La, Chance to Love, Marriott, Hilton Incense
  • Use for:  Humidifier, Fragrance Lamp, Aroma Diffuser
  • Net Volume: 10mL / bottle