2pcs Hair Growth Oil Treatment Anti Hair Loss Men Beard Growth Oil Topical Solutions Repair Damage Hair Roots Hair Care Products|Hair Loss Products

2 Pieces Hair Growth Oil Treatment for Anti Hair Loss Men Beard Growth Oil Topical Solutions Repair Damage Hair Roots Hair Care Products

Use range: hair root scalp Net content:60ml/bottle Product efficiencies: Improve hair soft,spare hair, hair loss, and assist forehead bangs growth. Main Effects: Increase and thicken hair,Improve hair,Prevent from hair loss,Promote hair growth ,Reduce deciduous and broken hair ,Strengthen and nutrienten the hair root. How to use: Step 1 Twice a day, usually morningand evening,which must bemore than 6 hours apart. Whenyou use it ,make sure your hair and scalp are completely dry. Step 2 For best results,use 1 ml of spray (spray 4-5 times) and use it directlyon the thinning of the hair tohelp the hair grow. Step 3 Penetrate the scalp withgently massage for 2- -3minutes, and wash yourhands thoroughly. Step 4 After hair dry, trim hair ,and wait till the scalpabsorbs the nourishingliquid completely .