Aquatic Grass Root Fertilizer | Condensed Aquarium Safe Water Grass Fertilizer in Capsule

Make it easy and convenient to nourish aquarium grass with this grass root fertilizer. Nutrients are absorbed by aquatic plants timely, and each fertilizer is coated with an organic resin which is not ordinary resin or plastic glue coating, so it will not produce residual toxicity, will not cause water acidification or inorganic salt accumulation and is harmless to fish. This coating readily dissolves in the water for stable supply of nutrients for the aquatic plants. The fertilizer is applicable to all types of plants (flowers, green plants, aquarium water plants, etc.).


  • Item Type: Aquarium Grass Root Fertilizer
  • Enclosure: Organic Resin Capsule
  • Quantity: 40pcs / lot
  • Color: Dark Khaki Fertilizer / Clear Coating
  • Package Size: 13cm / 5.12 "* 9cm / 3.54"