KONKA Mini Tap Water Purifier | Kitchen Faucet Ceramic Percolator Water Filter

A practical water saver and cheap alternative for access to safe drinking water with the long term use of KONKA mini tap water purifier. It has 9 Layers of deep purification such as intelligent filtering, mineral retention, removal of minor impurities, retention of beneficial minerals, and absorbance of residual chlorine to improve taste. Made of high quality ceramic activated carbon composite material, which giver more assurance, durability, and safety. According to different water demand, the water can be switched freely to raw water mode and water purification mode.


  • Brand Name: KONKA
  • Purification Method: Ceramic Filter Element
  • Applicable Water Temperature: 5~38°C
  • Work Pressure: 0.2-0.4MPa
  • Filtering Accuracy: 5 pm
  • Purified Water Flow: 1.0L/min
  • Rated Total Water Quantity: 300L
  • Main Filtering Material: Ceramic Filter Element, Activated Carbon, Stainless Steel Net
  • Applicable Tap: 15-24mm (Diameter of Water Outlet), Nl5mm (Length)
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: White
  • Package List:  4x Filter Element, 4x Thread Adapter, 1x Multi-Function Adapter, 2x Silicone Gasket, 1x Adapter Key, 1x PTFE Tape, 1x Sandpaper, 1x Instruction Manual