Three-Layer Baby Food Container Storage | 3-in-1 Portable Baby Feeding Box

This baby food container storage is a perfect companion when traveling with your baby. It contains three separate compartments inside to separate 3 types of baby food, with each compartment that can be independently dispensed with milk powder for easy transport. Made of non-toxic, healthy materials, safe to use and easy to clean. The screw-type screw cap is secure and tight, and it is not easy to fall off. It can be boiled and disinfected and does not easily deform.


  • Material: Food Grade Polypropylene (PP)
  • Shape: Pumpkin Shape, Apple Shape
  • Color: Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green (optional)
  • Size:  9.7 * 7.2 * 7.2cm (Pumpkin Shape), 9.6 * 8.4 * 8.4cm (Apple Shape)
  • Capacity: 180g
  • High Temperature Resistance: 100 ° C
  • Weight: 55g